We've known for years that "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and it's never been better illustrated than here, when Megan Jones takes on Risque Rain in a Competitive Mat Wrestling Match that's sure to appeal to those who love watching two beautiful women in a hard fought struggle for mat supremacy - and also enjoy having a good chuckle in the bargain. While these two lovelies go at each other full bore in this exciting match, their lively banter and trash talk show that it's all for a good time, too. Booty slaps, taps, grins, pins and hair pulling are highlighted as the lively pair scissor and stretch each other to show who's queen of the mat in an HD video featuring tickles and chokes & flips. What is Rain's signature submission hold? And can she take it as skilfully as she dishes it out? Watch and see.

                          "Battle of Sisters"         
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      *Rain vs Hollie*              Sister/Sister Grappling Match
                         Risque Rain

Reviews & Comments
LeglockRain was my first session when she came out to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and she did everything in her power to make me as comfortable as possible and make sure she understood exactly what i wanted and exceeded that when she wasn't putting me in various holds and smothering my last air left in me with her huge "ass"sets, All around amazing session and I don't see the need in looking more when she delivered everything I asked and more

 Sarge- I am 6-0 270lbs and a former Army power lifter, Rain is only 5-2 and maybe 135lbs ,so I figured I could easily take anything she dished out.So our agreement was that she was on offense and could go to her feet after initial contact, but I was only on defense and remain on my knees. This seemed only fair since I am so much bigger and stronger than her. However, this was not the case as by the 2nd fall, the little demon had crushed my face in a breast smother so intensely that my nose began to bleed and I had to take a timeout. When we started back, she didn't hold back and continued going all out. She submitted me with several variations of head/neck scissors, many more breast smothers and about a hundred rear chokes. It was like defending against a swarm of angry hornets as she was everywhere at the same time.

Rain is a great trash talker, and knew her wrestling holds very well. About 1.5hrs into the match, she counted on her fingers the types of holds she had submitted me in, and stated that she had 3 more that she needed to get me in before the session ended.
She is a very pretty and sexy young lady that has a mean streak on the mat, but is careful about injuring anyone. A couple times she would grab my arm or shoulder in some weird position and say "I could do an arm bar right now, but they are dangerous, so I am not gonna do it"
Overall she was an excellent session, and as sweet as a Kitten when she was not beating on me.
I definitely want to get a 2 on 1 with Rain and Hollie together, but Rain is a great session right by herself, and I will not hesitate to call her again when I am near the Atlanta a

Aug 5

Wrestleman: I just had my 1st and def not last encounter with Rain and let me just say it was a honor! She has an amazing personality and smile that will get you alone. Don't let that fool you as it did me.  When she gets you between her thights good luck!! Her triangle is perfected and you will submit or go to sleep. (I tapped) Her breasts.....well they speak for themselves lol.  All over she gets a great rating for me and her pictures don't do her justice. See you soon Rain.  Keep up the great work beautiful.  


June 10

Nick Ono: I had the honor to shoot Rain's 1st ever catfight and seen her progress as a fighter over the months. One of the toughest girls out there with an awesome personality & has some kick ass holds. If her lethal choke hold doesn't get you to submit, her chatter box mouth will! LOL JK! I highly recommend a session with her or hire her to fight another girl.

June 3
GeorgiaBoy: I can say honestly this was my favorite session I've ever done, and I'm no newbie to the session world. When I wasn't laughing so hard my face hurt i was being squeezed and taunted the whole time. Not only are her thighs death traps but her breasts!! Theres no escaping!! NO AIR!! I strongly recommend Rain to anyone who wants to have an amazing session.
May 27
Hotstuff Hollie: Who better to write a review than the one person closest to Rain
My sister has a super competitive, fun-loving personality.  We train hard together & she's becoming a strong and versatile fighter.  She can pick you up & slam you quick and good luck escaping her breast smother! 
I'm so proud of you Sis!
May 25
Darrius: ?It was great meeting you, and watching you in action was a pleasure.  Keep kicking @$$!!!
May 16 
anonymous: good to see a real woman instead of an anorexic who needs a feed - much much hotter :)
May 16 
stmaryssoccercoach: Hey welcome to session wrestling!!