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We've known for years that "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and it's never been better illustrated than here, when Megan Jones takes on Risque Rain in a Competitive Mat Wrestling Match that's sure to appeal to those who love watching two beautiful women in a hard fought struggle for mat supremacy - and also enjoy having a good chuckle in the bargain. While these two lovelies go at each other full bore in this exciting match, their lively banter and trash talk show that it's all for a good time, too. Booty slaps, taps, grins, pins and hair pulling are highlighted as the lively pair scissor and stretch each other to show who's queen of the mat in an HD video featuring tickles and chokes, flips, quips and nip slips. What is Rain's signature submission hold? And can she take it as skilfully as she dishes it out? Watch and see by ordering the full video below for only $5.99